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International Workshop on Ethanol Electro-Oxidation

December 5th–7th, 2016, Florence - Italy

The International Workshop on Ethanol Electro-oxidation focuses on the application of ethanol in electrochemical energy conversion. The subject is of extraordinary importance as ethanol production from biomass has topped 25 billion gallons in 2014 and will steadily grow in the future. Ethanol direct oxidation in fuel cells is a unique opportunity to exploit a high energy density, cheap and green fuel in the on demand generation of electric power.
The major challenge that technology is facing is the sluggish ethanol oxidation kinetics. In addition, the oxidation to carbon dioxide is limited by the concurrent partial oxidation that reduces the number of exchanged electrons and low faradaic conversion. Both facts hamper devices’ energy efficiency. To go beyond these limitations, DECORE has explored the effect of temperature with an extraordinary research effort to better understanding fundamentals and developing new materials. Electrochemists worldwide have now ethanol electro-oxidation on top of their agenda and this workshop aims at collecting their contributions in a much focused meeting that will mark a point on the status of research and technology. The lectures will span ethanol electrochemistry under different perspective, from modeling to electrocatalysis and from nanomaterials to devices and engineering. Contributions on the oxidation of other biomass derived alcohols will also be welcome.
We look forward to meeting you in Florence!

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