ERIC - European Research Institute of Catalysis

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ERIC, the European Research Institute of Catalysis, is the Durable Integrating Structure (DIS) stemming from the European Network of Excellence IDECAT (Integrated Design of Catalytic Nanomaterials for a Sustainable Production). The institute aims to become a centre of excellence in Europe for research and training, as well as a world leading reference in the area of catalysis. ERIC members are many excellent European research groups working both on the field of homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, and in part of biocatalysis. ERIC is an international non-profit organization under the Belgian Law (a.i.s.b.l. - Association International Sans But Lucratif) and its main characteristic is to be a  “Virtual Institute”.The aims are to be a knowledge-based, market oriented tool to facilitate the rapid exploitation of R&D results and know-how.
ERIC offers unique opportunities for companies and Institutions to perform the research and the development in the area of catalysis, since this organization allows to address complex problems which require multidisciplinary competences, from theory and modeling to surface science, synthesis and mastering of advanced nanomaterials, multi-tool characterization, catalysts testing and kinetics, catalyst and reactor engineering, and scale-up. As Virtual Institute, We can offer a flexible and tailored involvement of different scientific and engineering competences, through a single entry point. For companies, and particularly for SMEs, we can also give additional services, including assistance in process developments and Intellectual Property Rights protection, personal training, as well as in the preparation of R&D projects at national, European and International level. By joining our Business Club, companies may have access to our network of knowledge and service, as well as lobbying activities. As Association, our objective is to strengthen the European collaboration in the field of catalysis and to foster the excellence of its Members, by facilitating their integration at the research, training and educational levels. The Association shall pursue the objectives and interests of the Network of Excellence IDECAT started during the VI Framework Programme.
All the IDECAT partners are members of ERIC. Three of them, CNRS, CSIC, and MPG are linked through a Framework Agreement; a body indicated as ERIC+ includes their participation. Our objective is to grow and increase the number of participants as soon as possible.
Specific targets of ERIC are:
-      To promote, coordinate and perform multidisciplinary research, education, technological advancement in the area of catalysis in Europe, optimizing the efforts and the utilization of resources of its members.
-      To promote the development of the European level facilities needed to perform research at internationally competitive level.
-      To provide a single reference point for International partnerships and collaborations, offering the full spectrum of the best European Research and facilities in the catalysis area.
-      To offer a single reference point to Industry for expert advice and problem solving.
-      To promote the public understanding of catalysis and an awareness of its implications especially in the areas of energy, sustainable chemical production, advanced materials, environment protection, safety and security devices.
So, now let us embark on an exciting new mission to build on these foundations and ensure that the questions generated by these few words are not only answered but transformed into a reality.

The European Research Institute of Catalysis, ERIC
Gabriele Centi
President of the ERIC

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