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Maire Tecnimont is a Multinational Group with a highly technological DNA. An international leader in the field of plant engineering, mainly in the hydrocarbon sector (petrochemicals, fertilizers, oil & gas refining). Its contribution is fundamental to the transformation of natural resources into innovative products working to gradually prepare ourselves for the growing renewable energy and green chemistry paradigm.

Listed with the Milan stock exchange, Maire Tecnimont operates in approximately 40 different countries, numbering around 50 operative companies and a workforce of more than 5,500 employees, along with approximately 3,000 additional Electrical & Instrumentation professionals. For more information: www.mairetecnimont.com.

NextChem is Maire Tecnimont company dedicated to Green Chemistry and energy transition which will manage technological initiatives to best address new market dynamics.
The company is active in a series of initiatives aimed at: Carbon Footprint Reduction, mitigating the environmental impact of the technologies used for oil and gas processing; Circular Economy, implementing mechanical recycling of plastics and promoting chemical recycling; Bio-fuels, identifying oil substitutes to produce bio and renewable fuels from biomass feed-stocks.

NextChem portfolio of technologies includes a catalyst process to convert H2S rich gas into sulphur and hydrogen, a dual pressures cryogenic process to separate CO2 from natural gas and a catalytic/ thermal process to convert natural gas into olefins. NextChem has developed proprietary technology to reuse  urban and industrial solid wastes to methanol, synthetic natural gas and hydrogen. The production of such bio-chemicals is integrated within the bio-fuels, bio-ethanol and bio-diesel line. NextChem is acting as a technologist and engineering contractor, able to develop, industrialize and commercialize new technologies and then filling the gap between the lab and the market.
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Società Chimica Italiana (Italian Chemical Society), founded 110 years ago, is a scientific association with over 3500 members to promote Chemistry and its application. It is organized in thematic Divisions, and Interdivisional groups. The Divisione di Chimica Industriale - DCI (Division of Industrial Chemistry) and the Gruppo Interdivisionale di Catalysis - GIC (Interdivisional Group of Catalysis) sponsor this Summer School by making available some grants to partecipate to the School to their young members. See on this link for grants to members of DCI. Soon available the link for members of GIC.

INSTM, the National Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology, is the largest consortium of its kind in Italy, drawing on the expertise of no less than 49 universities – and all those that are active in Italy in researching advanced materials and technologies. INSTM sponsor this Summer School by making available some grants to partecipate to the School to their young members. Soon available the link for members of INSTM.
Organized by ERIC aisbl
CHAIRS: A. Basile, G. Centi, M. De Falco and G. Iaquaniello
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