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Between the services provided to the members, the following activities may be highlighted:
  • help in organize, write and manage projects (with companies or funding agencies), and in participation as single integrated partner for multiple members
  • prepare strategic white papers and research and expert consultancy capacity
  • participation in strategic bodies and associations to promote catalysis activities
  • act as interface for companies and funding agencies for long-term researc programmes requiring multidisciplinary competences
  • organise scientific conferences, education and training activities
  • help in dissemination and communication activities
  • catalyze the exchange of scientists and the integration of scientific activities, participate in training networks and analogous activities
  • promote catalysis and serve as an interface and a platform to communicate industrial and corporate needs in this field;
  • coordinate and manage activities for sharing the infrastructure and the access to the instruments
  • facilitate the knowledge and technology transfe to companies
  • act as single entry for international collaborations
  • help in Intellectual Property Rights management and in exploiting results

ERIC, being a non-profit association, charges only costs to members for this type of activities realized upon request. These activities are also open to non-members, and in this case a small overhead is charged, to be used to help ERIC maintainance.

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